1. What is a Medicare supplement?
It is a health insurance policy that is sold by commercial insurance companies to fill the “gaps” of Medicare Coverage. Some examples include AARP Medicare Complete; Careplus Health; Secure Horizons; UMR . . .

2. Do I need to see the doctor to request a referral to a specialist?
Yes. You will need to be seen so we can decide which specialist is appropriate.

3. Can you mail me my lab slip for my scheduled physical?
In order to ensure that you receive it we ask that you pick it up or we will email it through our secured website to your email address.

4. Can you call in my prescription asap? I only have one pill left.
We try to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible but we ask that you give us 72 hours to process your request. Please check with the pharmacy to make sure they do not already have any refills on file for you.

5. Can I be seen if I just walk-in? If time permits, we will make every attempt to work you in, but please be aware that scheduled appointments are seen first.

6. How long does it take for medical records to be received?
7-14 days

7. Why do I have to be seen every month for my pain medication?
Pain medication or narcotics are controlled substances and therefore require close monitoring.

8. Why do you need my insurance card every visit?
We need to verify your insurance prior to your visit.

9. If I am seen for an emergency work-in, can I also have a physical the same day?
The time allotted for a physical and emergency same day appointments are different, therefore we would have to schedule another appointment for the physical.

10. What is considered an emergency same day appointment and what time do you stop making them for the day?
We consider emergencies chest pain, shortness of breath, stroke symptoms, severe abdominal pain, and severe upper respiratory infections.

However, if you are unsure please call. If you think you are having a life threatening illness call 911 immediately.
We stop making same day appointments at 4:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday and 1:00pm on Monday and Friday.

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